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    Nicole DiGironimo


    Career Readiness, Decision Making, Leadership, Stress Management, Teamwork


    Philadelphia, PA



    Are you struggling with a complicated decision? Or maybe you’re considering a career change or just starting your career? Or your team at work isn’t functioning as well as it could? Or you aren’t functioning at work as well as you could? Or there are professional challenges interfering with your sleep or your home life? These are just SOME of the many reasons why you may want a coach.


    Coaching is a science and an art. You and I will partner to define and outline your needs and goals, and we’ll accomplish this using various coaching strategies and techniques (here’s the science!). But the path we’ll follow to build your success will be highly individualized because we’re all different (here’s the art!). We’ll untangle the challenges you bring to our sessions by having conversations where we confront your assumptions, develop action steps relevant to your needs/goals, and measure our success by analyzing the results of our actions. You already have the answers within you – and we’ll find those answers together! I’m passionate about helping others live their best lives and I’ll
    bring respect, kindness, and understanding to all of our sessions.
    Through all of this, you will gain focus, energy, motivation, and accountability as you climb the ladder towards your dreams. If this process excites you as much as it excites me, then let’s talk!


    WHO AM I?
    I’m currently the Director of Academics at JNA Institute of Culinary Arts (“JNA”). This post-secondary school was opened by my father over 30 years ago, and as the child of a small-business owner, I have first-hand knowledge of, and experience in, the entrepreneurial lifestyle.
    At JNA, I support students and staff through the entire learning experience, which means I’m monitoring student learning, instructor’s professional development, curriculum offerings, and overall school success. With over 20 years of teaching experience, I still enjoy tutoring high school students in math and science and I occasionally teach as an adjunct professor. I’m currently working on my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with the International Coaching Federation. My academic credentials include a PhD in Education (STEM focus), a MS
    in Physics, and a BS in Mathematics. I currently live in my hometown of Philadelphia, PA with my husband, our fur-kids Barry and Max, and a highly-photogenic tortoise named Gus.



    “Nicole got me thinking about career possibilities that I had never considered or had not thought possible. Working with Nicole got rid of my wandering aimless feeling, and has made me feel more focused. Together we created a path that included steps and goals to investigate career possibilities and apply for jobs.”



    “I feel empowered to take ownership in exploring the unknown which is ahead of me and get prepared with a few scenarios. Nicole is always ready to support me in quickly shifting gears and keeps me on track by inviting me to reflect a bit deeper and identify solutions for myself.”