Business Development and Sales Enablement, Leadership, Relationship Management, Team Building, Learning and Development

New York, NY

Rosemary is a results-oriented business professional with over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. She has managed global teams, established metrics, enhanced sales efficiency and performance through process and project management. She has led teams to collaborate, adapt, and demonstrate agility by innovatively solving problems, using organized data-driven approaches that focus on the business.

Rosemary believes that engaged and supported employees make the best decisions for the company, their teams and themselves. In her many years in management, she focused on coaching as daily a practice to better lead and inspire her teams, partners, peers and leadership.

Rosemary’s coaching approach is to guide YOU in making actionable contributions that will help you reach your personal and or professional aspirations. She has successfully coached in the areas of Human Capital Development, Performance Consulting, Sales Enablement, Business Focused Learning, Relationship Management, Execution for Business Results, Thought Leadership, Data Driven Decision Making, Change Management,Target Marketing, Team Building, Innovation in the Digital Era, Building a Learning Culture, Performance Management, Conflict Resolutions and Executive Communication Skills.

Rosemary is an engaged purpose driven executive and mother of two who tries to create a better community through her professional endeavors and volunteerism. She is passionate about coaching and aspires to help YOU meet your personal and professional goals.

She is fluent in Spanish and is available to coach in English and Spanish.

“Rosemary has been a great partner in aligning and customizing initiatives for the business. Always ready to connect, develop and continuously promote alignment with business needs.”


“Rosemary has helped drive transformation in the organization through the use of digital and sales enablement tools as we have evolved our delivery model.”


“Rosemary is a dedicated and conscientious leader. She engages in coaching every day to ensure her team develops consistently.”