Leadership Development, Change Management, Teams and Digital Transformations, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Career + Value Alignment, Career Readiness

New York, NY

Shana’s coaching practice focuses on guiding managers and professionals from a range of industries as they lead their teams through all types of transformations. She is passionate about helping her clients build skills that revolve around change management, effective communication, and emotional intelligence.

Shana develops and deepens leadership skills using an intuitive approach combined with multiple coaching modalities. She gives professionals the space to unpack their thoughts, cutting through the noise to identify the root cause of what is holding them back. Team leaders can draw on Shana’s decade of experience educating and nurturing innovators and entrepreneurs. By pinpointing problems and offering solutions with impact, Shana supports her clients as they lead their teams through periods of significant change.

Shana’s clients become the leaders people are inspired by and want to work with. Her effectiveness as a coach lies in helping people to learn and leverage soft skills including complex problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, and how to operate from an empathy mindset.

In addition to her coaching practice, Shana is also the founder and CEO of Turquoise Consulting, a creative leadership consultancy. Shana collaborates with Fortune 500 companies, creative businesses, and social impact organizations; some past and present clients include Google, BMW Group, Merck, NYC Media Lab, and The Netherlands Consulate General of New York. She is currently working with C-Suite and senior leaders of one of the top three global management consulting firms as they go through a major digital transformation. Her clients describe her as passionate, inspirational, candid, and warm.

Shana is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute’s Co-Active Coaching program and the THNK School of Creative Leadership. In addition to frequent travel to far-flung places, Shana loves all things chocolate, and motors around New York on a midnight blue Vespa.

“Firstly I wanted to say a huge thank you for the session yesterday. It was inspiring, made me dig deep and provided direction – just what I needed. I cannot tell you how much the time I spent with you has stayed with me. I entered with a fair amount of anxiety, but left feeling emboldened, with a clear sense of direction.”