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Phoenix, AZ

Stacie is driven to disrupt—and helps others find their inner rebel in order to drive their high-growth organizations toward positive change.

With more than two decades of People Operations leadership in a progression of successful start-ups, as well as overseeing a large-scale team at a Fortune 50 company, she loves sharing what she’s learned along the way—using a proprietary methodology known as The Rebel CODE. Her concoction of candor and professionalism encourages C-Suite executives to step away from their comfort zone and focus on the dynamic challenges of truly leading the people who make a company great in the first place. In addition, she has continued to be tapped for her experience with Venture Capital, Private Equity, IPO Prep and Public Boards to coach and guide leadership through transformation and transaction changes across multiple industries.

Her consulting company, The Rebel CODE, specializes in leading cultural climate change for high-growth companies. Linking values and culture to an organization’s mission and purpose is essential, Stacie believes. She coaches leaders in developing action plans for a purpose-driven/values-based company that simultaneously impact top-line growth and bottom-line success. She also helps organizations discover new leaders from within the business—and provides specialized leadership training for those high-potential individuals.

Experienced in industries from tech to pharma, Stacie has her finger on the pulse of today’s workplace environment and employees’ expectations of their leaders, direct managers and coworkers. A respected thought leader, she regularly presents at conferences and panels, produces workshops, serves on the Forbes Magazine HR Council, and writes prolifically for her blog, “RulesMakeRebels.”

“Stacie was critical to our executive team as we ran the dual path between IPO and acquisition. She drove the communication strategy we need to balance transparency and need-to-know while coaching our team through this time of great change.”


“I have worked with senior level professionals at Fortune 50 and Fortune 10 companies, and Stacie ranks as one of the top professionals in her field.”