Leadership, Culture, Strategy, Change Management, High-Performing Teams


New York, New York



Tonille helps people understand and navigate the hidden challenges of working, leading and living well.

As an organizational psychologist, she has spent over two decades as a consultant, executive coach and researcher in organizations like PwC, KPMG, Towers Watson, the University of Minnesota, Columbia University and StayWell Health Management looking at what people need to be highly productive, engaged and flourishing, as well as what moves people from thought to sustainable action.

Her writing, speaking and consulting services are grounded in research-based insights that organizations and their leaders can easily apply on a practical level to their day-to-day ways of working. She is known for translating complex ideas into simple language and useful tools that drive performance for individuals and teams.

Tonille has been featured in a number of print, online, and in-person forums as a thought leader in the organizational culture, people experience and behavior change space.




“Tonille is a master of asking the right questions and helping me diagnose situations from a number of perspectives, so that I am able to get out of my blind spots to see things clearly. This has helped me attain a high level of self-awareness and increased my effectiveness in both work and personal life. Between her own experience and that of coaching others, she understands the stresses, dynamics and expectations I’m dealing with and is able to help me balance the tension between what organization, my team and my needs when we co-create the approach I take in various situations.”

— T.J.


“In Tonille’s book, there is no such thing as a bad experience. She sees every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow and this is reinforced in her coaching style. I have particularly appreciated her ability to remind me of the big picture when I am in the midst of extremely challenging situations. She keeps me focused on the end game so that I am not thrown off course by circumstances and situations that arise.”

— F.C.


“Tonille holds me accountable to the person I know I am and want to be. I consider her my performance coach and I find myself applying her insights to my work and life on a daily basis. At one point, when I had hit a wall, she helped me articulate my ‘Why’ and begin actualizing skills and abilities I’ve likely always had, but wasn’t able to tap into. I am extremely grateful for her in my life.”

— D.B.