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New York, New York

Yuri is an experienced executive coach focused on Millennial career development who’s helped 300+ mid-career execs find alignment and fulfillment in their careers, improve management, communication and negotiation skills. Yuri has taken what he’s learned from executive coaching to help companies create a superior employee experience, increasing retention and decreasing turnover costs, as well as maximize customer experience using storytelling, branding and proprietary personal development strategies. In his previous career, Yuri consulted Fortune 500 companies (Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Fortress Investment Group, et al.) and top VC-backed startups (Maxwell Health, Liazon) on finance/operations, product management and BizDev.

A Forbes Coaches Council member, Forbes and Entrepreneur contributor, Yuri has also been featured in Inc., Fast Co., Time, Mashable, BBC, PBS, numerous top blogs and podcasts.

Yuri’s consulting, advising and coaching portfolio includes speaking engagements, workshops and advisory work on personal + professional development, customer experience, PR/Media and business strategy, impacting thousands of Fortune 500 and startup executives.

His expertise has landed him on numerous panels, conducting workshops and keynotes at top tech companies (The Muse, General Assembly) and universities (UPenn, Columbia, NYU) and top-rated podcasts (Entrepreneur on Fire, Wharton Business Radio, Conscious Millionaire, The Blind Entrepreneur and others), as well as in top publications, TV and radio.

“Yuri was great. He put into words what I have had rattling around inside my head. I am excited to continue working with him to figure out my purpose and goals for the future.”


“The session with Yuri was extremely helpful. He was approachable yet firm in providing solid advice. He took the time to understand my unique situation and went beyond what I had asked for. Yuri not only gave me advice on negotiation but helped me take a necessary step back to look at the bigger picture and think more deeply into my career path. He also provided tools for me to continue the work after the session. I would recommend Yuri as a coach for negotiation, among other topics.”