Help your team build the foundational skills they to lead their people now and in the future.

Effective Leadership Matters


Percent of people naturally possess the ability to manage.


Percent of people have some of the traits needed to manage, but require coaching and development to become truly effective leaders.


Percent of people quit their job because of their manager.

Coaching for everyone, because everyone has talent to develop.

GoCoach can help at all levels of your organization. Our coaches can provide technical training for individuals, new manager training, and business and sales strategy at an executive level. We can also facilitate team/group trainings. We have everything you need to grow and develop your teams!

Learning Stipends

  • Self Service
  • Coach matching, learning onboarding, and
    coaching administration via platform
  • 4 session minimum

One to One Coaching

  • Coach matching, learning onboarding, and
    coaching administration via platform.
    Includes optional 360
  • 1 coaching session per month at
    60 minutes in length.
    6 months recommended to start
  • Admin portal access for engagement analytics and visibility
  • Access to e-learning and certification programs available as add-ons

One to Many Coaching

  • Assessments, content, learning
    community access, e-learning, and
  • Learner groups of 6 to 10 participants
  • 90 minute group sessions facilitated by
    GoCoach coaches via GoCoach platform
  • Iterative engagement with client
    partnership based on platform data and
    assessments to ensure success and
    optimal learner participation

Platform Only

Leverage GoCoach’s matching technology, scheduling, and analytics to scale your internal coaching or mentoring program in an easily measurable manner.

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Leadership is a skill, not a trait. It can be learned.

How Organizations Leverage the Management Certification Series

“During the onslaught of Covid, our leadership team attended GoCoach’s Management Training Series. We learned ways to support our employees through significant change and uncertainty, sharpening our leadership skills and increasing collaboration as a leadership team. We’ve continued to invest in this training series for our international employees, allowing us all to drive a standard level of leadership skill across the entire company.”

Colleen MoranSenior Manager, Global People & Culture at Birchbox

Don’t let bad leadership be the reason employees leave your organization.

Invest in Your People

Upskill Your Leaders

Our team of experts guides leaders through an 8-part series of courses, covering core management competencies like Remote Management, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, and more. The program is designed to help you hone the skills you need to elevate your management skills and effectively lead your team now and in the future. Participants will earn certifications for each course their GoCoach Management Certification upon completion of the 8-part series. Courses can be purchased individually for $99 or in bulk for $699.

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Remote Management Module

Remote Interviewing & Hiring Module

Learn how to design interview processes
, evaluate candidates, define competencies
, communicate, create a positive candidate experience, and build an onboarding plan.

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Change Management Module

Learn how to identify change, prepare for change
, gain knowledge in change management fundamentals, understand your part, and build and implement a plan.

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Servant Leadership Module

Learn how to understand the history and definition of Servant Leadership, implement best practices, improve active listening, lead with empathy and humility, and build trust.

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Critical Conversations Module

Learn how to create a safe space for conflict, set the stage for a critical conversation
, communicate clearly and directly,
suspend judgement, and build trust

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Emotional Intelligence Module

Learn how to define EQ
, understand core EQ skills
, practice self-management, communicate with others effectively, regulate emotions
, and make a difference.

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Giving & Receiving Feedback Module

Learn how to define feedback
, recognize communication styles
, plan and deliver effective feedback, receive and consider feedback, recognize difficult situations, and plan to improve feedback skills

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Coaching as a Development Tool Module

Learn how to use guided questioning
, inspire curiosity, ask probing questions, optimize one on ones, and 
build a coaching action plan.

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Management Certification Courses




Satisfaction Rating

We blend structured learning with one-on-one coaching to drive real behavior change.

Curated Content

We carefully developed and crafted each course to cover core management competencies. Each course includes a 90-minute session facilitated by GoCoach coaches who possess a breadth of knowledge and expertise in each topic. Sessions are broken into 4-5 smaller modules, to allow for greater understanding and clarity of the material. For each module, our facilitator will outline foundational knowledge, frameworks, and tools, plus actionable steps leaders can take to translate this information into their day-to-day work.


We know that the best way to learn something is to hear how others have experienced or implemented it in their lives. Through storytelling, our facilitators share decades of knowledge applying frameworks, using tools, and implementing processes to help learners understand how they too can translate the information their learning into their work.


We know everyone is juggling a lot right now, sometimes with competing schedules. And we all have different learning styles and preferences. Which is why each course is available for asynchronous learning. This means you can still earn your certification with the community, even if you‘re not able to join a live session. You will also receive access to presentation slides, plus additional follow-up resources to continue honing your skills even after the training is complete. The content is accessible anytime, anywhere for continued learning.

Ongoing Support

The learning doesn’t stop after completing a module. We know that reinforcement is the key to real behavior change. In order to help you take the concepts learned from our courses, you will get access to our Slack and LinkedIn learning community. Here, you will be able to participate in live Q&A sessions and ask our coaches questions about how to apply frameworks and concepts into real work scenarios.

Interested in pairing coaching with our Management Certification Series? Learn more about our Leadership Growth Packages.

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