Have you ever wondered what exactly professional coaching is? And how a professional coach might differ from a therapist or mentor? Have you ever considered working with a professional coach to help you develop skills to level up your career?


We often feel like we have to figure things out on our own, rather than asking others for help. In reality, a lot of us do need a hand and that’s OK! When you let others in, and allow yourself to be coached, you can unblock obstacles and achieve results much faster.


We coach and learn from another all through time, all through our lives, through our communications and interactions. Coaching is our path to creation, innovation, technology and our own further evolution of self improvement and advancement.


In this webinar (in partnership with Women in Big Data), our panel of coaches share their experience being coached and coaching others to help you understand the role professional coaching can play in your life.


Here’s what you can expect to learn from this webinar:


1. What coaching is and isn’t and who can benefit from it.
2. How to find a coach who’s the right fit for you.
3. The benefits of working with a coach. What you can expect to learn and gain through this partnership.


Watch below to learn more!

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